The idea behind ‘Make in India’

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We at Nirvana Lighting, take pride in the nation-building initiative undertaken by our government of India with MAKE IN INDA. We take Make in India initiative with utmost honesty and sincerity.

Today we are a self-sustained independent manufacturing unit based out of India. Our 90% of components are manufactured at our facility in Vasai, Mumbai. We serve all-purpose lighting ranging from Indoor and Outdoor for Architectural and Interior design requirements.

We strongly believe in our country’s potential to self manufacture and outperform the standards offered by revival competitors from our neighbouring countries like China. China has played notorious for its unruly tactics over the land issues with our country. It has proved to be posing threat to the Indian economy with direct investments into the weak business’s in India thus we stand united along with all manufacturing companies in India in becoming completely self-reliant and minimize the import of Chinese products so as to create more jobs and business within our country.

In order to maintain highest quality of the finished product that we manufacture. We are sourcing a few components like LEDs panels and drivers required for the lights from some well known brands like Samsung, Philips, Osaram and more.

We shall prosper and we will.  

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