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Bollard lights by best Bollard LED Lights Suppliers in Mumbai

Bollard lights are a form of lighting fixture that is often used to illuminate paths and landscapes for the convenience and safety of pedestrians.
Because of how they GENERATE and DISTRIBUTE light, bollard light for garden and other fixtures give some fantastic benefits for sidewalks or pathways that require illumination.

LED bollard light fixtures typically have wattages ranging from 12 to 40 watts, resulting in a 40 percent to 85 percent savings in energy usage when retrofitted to LED. For pathway and pedestrian applications, LED bollard light fixtures often give a highly EVENLY spread light pattern. This means that the led bollard lights supplier ensures that as the distance between the pole or fixture changes, the light levels across a particular area will fluctuate less.

bollard lights 3 1200 × 2000 px


Innovative led bollard light manufacturers in Mumbai, India – Nirvana Lights

Our architecture is the source of our creativity. Architectural LED lighting, which blends engineering, technology, art, and design to alter rooms for superior illumination while expressing a desired ambiance and function, is one of our most innovative products.

We are proud to follow in the footsteps of MADE IN INDIA. We adhere to the strictest quality guidelines for Bollard Lights manufacturers in India. We are certified to be one of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions with premium quality and prices, in addition to high-level innovation.
With all of these breakthroughs in consideration, we are considered as the most innovative led bollard light manufacturer in India.

Nirvana Bollard LED Lights Manufacturers in Mumbai manufacture a range of bollard lights according to varied needs and requirements. Nirvana Lights creates attractive lighting designs that are influenced by the contemporary appearance and aesthetics of the new era. To meet your needs, we have spectacular single designs as well as the appropriate combination of lighting solutions by the led bollard lights supplier.

NL 1010A

NL 1010A

Retrofit LED Lamp
NL 0131

NL 0131

Fixed spot light
NL 0138

NL 0138

Metallic series
NL 1495

NL 1495

Adjustable spot light

Why collaborate with Nirvana light manufacturers?

Nirvana Lights – rated as best LED Underground Light Manufacturer in India seek to produce high-quality, cutting-edge, and intelligent LED luminaires that are energy-efficient, ecologically friendly, and long-lasting.
Our design team curates and develops new ideas for cutting-edge lighting solutions. Our goods are made with the convergence of design, utility, and aesthetics in mind.

Like no other Bollard LED Lights Suppliers in Mumbai, we utilise high-quality, non-yellowing diffusers to produce a glare-free environment with steady light output and minimal light dissipation. This sets us apart from other light manufacturers in India.

There are no hazardous compounds in it, such as mercury, which may be harmful if discharged into the environment. The trust we have earned sets us apart from other led light manufacturers in India. Regular inspections are carried out by Bollard Lights manufacturer in India to assure the best quality of premium delivery.

bollard lights 2 1200 × 2000 px
bollard lights 1

Collaborate with Nirvana lights to brighten your space!

LED products aren’t all made equal. For different applications, different manufacturers offer different degrees of value, and you’ll get the greatest results if you collaborate with a business that has the product experience to recommend a solution that fits your project priorities.

As the leading led bollard light manufacturers in India, who have expertise in all types of indoor and outdoor lighting, we will help you identify your light needs according to your project. Join us in this innovative revolution to lighten up every space!

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