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The leading manufacturer of architectural lighting products, Nirvana Light provides creative solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Nirvana is fundamentally a design-driven company, and this philosophy has enabled it to survive the competitive market of today. The company is dedicated to creating items that are aesthetically pleasing and have the highest level of energy efficiency.

India's Largest Lighting Brand in Punjab

In the renowned city of Punjab, you can now get the most exquisite selection of lighting and home décor in all of India!

Nirvana Light offers you the most vibrant and exquisite collection by led lights suppliers in Punjab you’ve ever seen, ending your hunt for the best lighting designs.

Punjab has a vibrant home decor scene, which is why Nirvana Light assists its clients in the area in choosing designs that not only enhance the aesthetic qualities of their houses but also provide an unmatched living experience.

The LED Bulb Manufacturers in Ludhiana want you to see firsthand what other lighting businesses in Punjab cannot provide. Over the years, we have not only succeeded in becoming a symbol of quality and elegance, but we have also completely changed the nation’s interior and outdoor lighting market.

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NL 1010A

NL 1010A

Retrofit LED Lamp
NL 0131

NL 0131

Fixed spot light
NL 0138

NL 0138

Metallic series
NL 1495

NL 1495

Adjustable spot light

The finest led lighting manufacturing company in Punjab to purchase lighting essentials.

We have been in the marketplace too long not to have noticed the fads and trends that shape the nation’s design landscape. We discovered that ornamental lighting is trendy in the city, and we adore the chemistry between our customers and the gorgeous lighting designs. Nirvana’s LED Bulb Manufacturers in Ludhiana, Punjab. provides the city’s most vibrant and brilliant selection of architectural lighting as a result. Each of our products is created by our outstanding technicians with the utmost care and love, and we add just the right amount of polish to make these stunning designs the most incredible options you will find. The Nirvana Light only manufactures the best spotlights, metal lights, and LED lights.

led mumbai 21200 × 2000 px
led mumbai 31200 × 2000 px

Our Bespoke Solutions

One of Nirvana’s competitive advantages is our capacity to create and manufacture customized solutions with client specified parameters. The basis of our innovation is the consumer’s needs and how we meet them. These simply help us to improve our knowledge as LED Bulb Manufacturers in Punjab.

Our projects cover a wide range of areas, including workplaces, educational institutions, hotels, banks, and retail developments.

Thanks to our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we provide a broad range of products, including pendants, spots & accents, track lights, lighting systems, and exterior light fixtures. We have the capacity to alter design, material, or finish to produce unique solutions. Every project we work on is distinct, with its requirements and problems. Nirvana Light also aids our clients with light planning by using the photometric verification available on request with each product created by the led light manufacturer in Punjab.

Nirvana Light has a leading name in architectural lighting which alters rooms for magnificent illumination by fusing engineering, technology, art, and design. Our pledge to quality and delivery are entirely within our control, thanks to integrated manufacturing processes.

The Best Lighting Products Nirvana led lights supplier in Punjab Has to Offer

If you’re seeking exquisite lighting solutions in Punjab, your quest has ended!
Nirvana is set to blow your mind. Our extensive collection is sure to leave an impression with a single look as it is furnished with some of our most extraordinary lighting and furniture.

Find out what to anticipate from The Nirvana Light Store by reading on:

  • For your benefit, the finest items from the country’s largest and most complete assortment of indoor lighting have been installed and illuminated. View the splendor of the Metallic Series, contemporary LED lighting, and more by LED light manufacturers in Ludhiana, Punjab, all installed just as they would be in your home.

  • The top wall lights in Punjab. You may discover LED wall lights for a more contemporary, elegant style and feel, as well as outdoor wall lights, vanity and mirror lights, and picture lights to emphasize art on your walls.

  • A stunning selection of table lights is made from various materials. Table lamps with metal shades, textile shades, crystal shades, reading lamps, gold, and ceramic shades, and more are all readily available.

  • Different sized and shaped ceiling lights curated by the led light manufacturer in Punjab. If you can conceive of a type of ceiling light, it’s probably available in our Punjab Store. We have contemporary LED ceiling lights in adjustable and remote-controlled designs, LED ceiling lights specifically made for kids’ rooms, and crystal ceiling lights with a vintage appeal.

  • Finally, a compilation of Punjab’s most impressive outdoor lighting! Our outdoor lighting is made with every type of home and design style in mind and is available in a massive range of colors, sizes, and materials.

Environment & Sustainability

We place a similar emphasis on sustainable procedures as we do on our design and our customers. More than ever, we understand the urgent need to protect our already-fragile environment. Among other significant actions, all our machinery is energy-efficient and regularly inspected to ensure this.

As part of our commitment, led lights suppliers in Punjab continually review and improve our internal processes to minimize any adverse environmental effects.
Some of the best practices that are strictly adhered to include investing in cleaner technologies, efficient recycling techniques, and resource conservation.

As one of the nation’s pioneers in LED manufacturing, we take pride in playing a significant role in the transition of many of our clients from the usage of conventional lighting solutions to LED lighting, thereby lowering the carbon footprint and fostering a better environment.

Why choose The Nirvana lighting store in Punjab?

When our founders knew that the Indian lighting market lacked sustainable and high-quality products, they founded Nirvana Light. Lighting retailers in Punjab and other regions of the nation have been selling lighting fixtures at excessive costs and of subpar quality. The business aims to build a name for itself in Punjab and provide a spot where you can buy cost effective lighting essentials where quality overcomes price.

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