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Nowadays, we love to flaunt aesthetically designed and cool things among people. Even it becomes the style symbol or added dimension with the personality.

We know, you love stylish clothes, shoes, mobiles, interior decoration, cars and so on. If that does, why not lighting at your home, your office or in your garden?

Nirvana Lighting is the best manufacturer of LED spike lights in Mumbai. We’re here to revolutionise the indoor and outdoor space with a variety of aesthetically designed LED lights.

It is not just the traditional light you use at home for lighting. It’s more than that. Once you had it in your garden, lawn area, rooms and other places, you get all-around appreciation from onlookers, visitors.

updown led 1 1200 × 2000 px


Nirvana lighting is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of LED up down, aesthetically designed lighting products. We have a wide range of products matching with every residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, etc usages.

With our top-notch product, we’re inviting builders, interior designers, architects, facility service providers and other stakeholders to join us in making India’s home beautiful.

Whether you want to record a reel for your Instagram or just want that light for decoration, we are here to provide quality products. We totally give your home a cool factor without compromising on quality regardless of indoors or outdoors.

If you’re an event organiser, Nirvana LED Up Down Light Manufacturer in Mumbai has customised products for giving the stage a new look.

Nirvana Lighting- Choose The Up Down Light At Best Price

  • Best energy efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • Compact in size
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Great colour rendering index
  • Safe to use
  • Best for indoor and outdoor places
  • Additional discounts for bulk/long term project

Have questions? We’re all ears. Simply use any of the communication modes mentioned in the contact us section and get an instant answer to your question. Just like thousands of others, it’s now your turn to choose us as LED Up Down Light Manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

NL 1010A

NL 1010A

Retrofit LED Lamp
NL 0131

NL 0131

Fixed spot light
NL 0138

NL 0138

Metallic series
NL 1495

NL 1495

Adjustable spot light

Why should you choose us as preferred outdoor spike lights Suppliers in Mumbai?

Long years of experience

We’ve been into the lighting segment supporting B2B and B2C since our start. A long list of corporate customers is the testimony of our unparalleled product delivery. We support quality in every aspect.

Touchpoints across India

To serve our clients better, we’ve established touchpoints in most parts of India. Besides that, we have a solid distribution network, delivery partner and service agent offering end to end customer satisfaction at their doorstep.

The original manufacturer of up down, spike and other types of LED lights

Nirvana lights are the manufacturer of LED Spike Lights in Mumbai. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit located in Maharatras to handle a large customer base. We source the raw material directly from the original manufacturers and develop the products at our facility.

updown led 3 1200 × 2000 px
updown light 2
There tier quality checking

We‘re known for quality all over India and across. Thanks to our three-tier quality checking process, the products last long and long. Firstly we audit the raw material and then the formal products. Before delivery, our quality analysts check every aspect of products, including the packing, to get safe and fast delivery without any hiccups.

Instant customer support

We remain available for the customers to take up their queries, complaints, and feedback via multiple channels. Whether it’s 2 AM or 2 PM, you can connect with our LED Up Down Light Manufacturer in India.

Our up down light is made through supreme quality raw material with the latest technology, skilled professionals, and strict supervision.

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