Lighting Beyond Illumination
Lighting Beyond Illumination

Lighting Beyond Illumination

The global pandemic crisis has caused a major shift of residents into various cities of the country. This shifting has put in sudden load on the cities lighting efficiency wherein these cities have to be more functional and sustainable than ever before.

Public spaces, transportation, and institutions all require lighting. The load-bearing capacity on the current Lighting infrastructure is unable to sustain a sudden upsurge in the demand. There are approx 1 million street lights across each city.

Taking into consideration the current state of lighting infrastructure, none of our street lights are connected or intelligent. With a gradual push towards making each city a Smart City, light pole manufacturers in India have consider that lighting infrastructure will require a major revamp of innovation, functionality, and intelligence.

– We see lighting will go beyond illumination.

This trend will play an important role in making cities more livable, more enjoyable, safer, but also more economically sustainable.

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