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A Magnetic track led light is a modern lighting system for contemporary spaces. It can create several vertical and horizontal patterns on walls and ceilings while allowing the user a number of do-it-yourself lighting patterns that they can create of their liking. The quick installation method and minimalistic design features make it the best bet for home and office lighting systems.

As the lighting system is new, you might wonder what it is all about and how you should get going with the installation.

Magnatic Light


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NL 1010A

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NL 0131

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NL 0138

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NL 1495

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Basics About Magnetic Track lighting and its working

As per the magnetic track light manufacturer in Mumbai, the magnetic track light is a type of light fixture installed on a given track by the magnet or on any light fixture.

The track would be composed of copper conductor aluminum shell and iron sheet. The Lumineers absorb automatically on the trail without any tools whenever it is placed with the magnet in proximity to the iron sheet in the given track.

At the same time, it would also be in connection with a copper conductor, which would be powered by a 220 v to dc 48v transformer to the entire lighting system track. Different magnetic attraction lamps would be installed on the magnetic linear track.

It can move freely on the track just like common led track light, but also it would be installed and disassembled at your will. Before choosing the magnetic track light, consider going through the Magnetic track light price list. Contact us for the price list.

Layout 2 LED
Layout 3 LED

Uses of Magnetic track LED Lights

The magnetic track light Manufacturer says that the LED magnetic light is mainly used as home lighting for your dining room, kitchen-living room, or bedroom. You can undoubtedly use this lighting for office lighting besides other led panel lights or commercial lighting in retail stores or supermarkets. Thanks to the different patterns available here, you can make your home lighting system look modern and stylish at the same time.

Tips for choosing magnetic track lighting

Nirvana lighting is one of the best magnetic track LED lights Manufacturer and suppliers in Mumbai. Our expert suggests you choose a magnetic track lighting that is easy to install and compatible with all the available light fixtures. It should use the same accessories as other track lighting systems.

Confirm what design pattern you prefer for the entire system

There are generally four design shapes available for the whole of the lighting system: the l shape, the parallel line I shape, and the square shape.

The square shape is mainly used for offices or living rooms while the U shape can be used for living rooms and the l shape is excellent for corridors, cloakrooms, or living rooms. ‘I’ shape is generally used for dining, kitchen, and living rooms.

Choose a suitable magnetic track.

When choosing a suitable magnetic track light, you can go for recessed magnetic track light as it is ideal for new houses with no suspended ceilings.

It is crucial to make the grooves beside the pre-embedded tracks and press them along the ceiling. If the ceiling has been made in your house, then you can go for that rimless magnetic rail. A surface or pendant magnet track is also great as it can be used for places that are not good for making plasterboard, like supermarkets or offices.

You can choose the magnetic LED light depending on the track that you are choosing.

The height of the space where you want to install the magnetic track light is the next thing you need to think about. As you would not want to spend all that time installing the magnetic track lighting on high ceilings to find that the room does not light up adequately, it is crucial to keep in mind that the bulbs can only produce light to a particular height.

Think About the Correct Bulb Type

You may select from a variety of bulbs in addition to the magnetic track. A popular and effective option for bulb types is hi-power LED lights.
Additionally, you should think about the kind of fixture you have because it will impact how simple and effective maintaining your lighting will be.

Choose the magnetic driver.

There are two leading solutions for the entire system when choosing the driver. The 48V built-in driver is great for integrated magnet rack and suspension or surface mounted track. The external driver is also good, mainly working on the recessed installation. It is way better than the built-in driver when it comes to quality. Furthermore, the external power supply is available for placing the air outlet off your air conditioner, which is convenient for repair, maintenance, or replacement.

Lastly, having magnetic track light in your home is beneficial because it is pretty safe. At the same time, when installing the magnetic track light, you do not need any tools. Another advantage of magnetic lighting is adding several lamps to the track. You can check with the magnetic track light Manufacturer and choose the best magnetic track light for your spaces.

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