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LED lighting is one of the best solutions for various outdoor lighting applications. Nirvana is one of the leading Outdoor LED Lighting Manufacturers in India, and the only reason we support leads is that they’re quite energy-efficient light in the market by far, and they have the longest lifespan by 2 to 10 times over the nearest competing technology.

Our LED Commercial outdoor lighting produces a high-quality light with a wide range of characteristics as they are small steady-state lights which means they don’t present the breaking or recycling issues with legacy lighting technology.

We are counted among the top-notch exterior LED lights Manufacturers in India as we provide great lighting or surroundings. Our lives have great durability, reliability, and little to no maintenance, which has led to our demand in different areas. We, as a top Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting supplier, follow strict industry guidelines to serve the best to our clients.

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Reasons to choose Nirvana outdoor LED lights

Lighting quality

One of the most noticeable differences between our commercial-led outdoor lighting product and the typical high-pressure sodium LED lights is the color temperature. Our lights are designed keeping the outdoor applications in mind which will resist them to shock vibration and external impacts. They are strong and reliable enough to withstand tough external conditions and environment. Hence Nirvana is one of the best LED outdoor lights Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

Energy efficiency

The best part about our LED lights is that they provide an energy efficiency factor when compared to other lighting styles. Our lights last far longer and don’t contain any mercury which gives a big advantage over compact fluorescent light bulbs. There are several exciting and unique commercial-led outdoor lighting products available at Nirvana that will improve the overall aesthetic and personality of your outdoor space and act as a preview of words inside.

These elements make LED lights specifically ideal for outdoor use. Our lights produce close to no UV emissions that make them an environment friendly choice.

Ideal décor

By choosing our Commercial outdoor lighting, you can make your garden brighter and more welcoming with ultra-efficient and high-output outdoor lights. You can choose from a variety of styles without compromising on light output of functionality. We have a wide range of lights that produce a good light output and should give many more years trouble free service. When you choose Nirvana you choose the best Led Outdoor Light Manufacturers In India.

Environmental friendly choice

Outdoor LED lights are surely a reliable and energy efficient form of lighting for your house exterior or garden. At Nirvana you can choose several outdoor lights including working lights, garden patio lights, lighting spikes, wall washers, porch lights, pond lights and feature lights. Led outdoor lighting is an energy efficient and low power consumption way to illuminate your external space, be it a garden or any general outdoor space, our Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting supplier has the best lighting solutions for you.

You can maximize energy savings and cut maintenance costs with Nirvana outdoor LED lighting fixtures. This is because we aim to fulfill our customers’ needs while anticipating future market needs and trends as an effort that has allowed us to achieve constant growth in an increasingly competitive industry.

NL 1010A

NL 1010A

Retrofit LED Lamp
NL 0131

NL 0131

Fixed spot light
NL 0138

NL 0138

Metallic series
NL 1495

NL 1495

Adjustable spot light

Lights Manufacturers in India

Nirvana is one of the best outdoor LED lights manufacturers in Mumbai, India as we offer one of the most admired and desired lighting products while presenting the most comprehensive range of high quality outdoor lighting products. Nirvana’s lighting products are carefully monitored at each and every step that’s why we offer unparalleled and beyond compare lights. The LED lights are manufactured at our facility using the best technology and advanced materials that ensures smooth and durable working in the long run and of course our experts test reliable working on various parameters before putting the LED lights on the shelf.

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We also offer affordable range outdoor lighting solutions suitable for residential and commercial applications and the range includes interior and exterior fixed lighting and decorative range of shades. Our Commercial outdoor lighting is brighter than traditional street lamps, which illuminate the sidewalks, main parking gate, and more outdoor areas. Our lights run efficiently and have a low power consumption that ensures energy and money savings in the future. The best part about our LED lights is they are quick and easy to install besides being highly durable and flexible.

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